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Local Brew––One Beer One Friend 《在地精釀——一杯啤酒, 一個朋友》



Product of:Wu Chien-Hsing

台 灣 味

Tai Wan Wei

Taiwan is the origin of both Taiwan Beer and myself, as a Taiwan born artist. Taiwan has been heavily influenced by Dutch, Japanese, and Chinese cultures throughout history. These influences have a lasting impact on the way common commodities like Taiwan Beer are made today. I feel like there is a strong connection between the Taipei, where I currently reside, and New York, where I have been residing temporarily for an artist residency. This connection lies largely in the way multiculturalism appears in everyday life. For this reason, I hope to realize my project with influences from these two cities, using my own recipe for Taiwan Beer as a way to push forward questions of multiculturalism and serve as a bridge to introduce myself and my background to residents of New York.


Sponsor: In cooperation with us, we will put the sponsor's manufacturer on the beer label, and the sponsor's logo in the red part. The minimum quantity is 100 bottles and the fee is US1,000.


Working with artists to brew is not only to bring one‘s own brand into arts but also to make the exhibition another form of arts performance. It will attract the attention and satisfy the taste buds of the audience at the same time while marketing its own brand and culture everywhere.



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