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吳建興 Wu Chien-Hsing

Wu Chien-Hsing was born in Taiwan in 1987. Wu received his MFA from National Taipei University in 2017. His work spans multiple artistic mediums, including painting, mixed media, installation, video, sculpture, and performance art. Wu often utilizes everyday objects in his work, stimulating discussions around their external forms and internal energy as well as their potential for transformation and preservation. His early artwork was in dialogue with the concept of “home,” constructing interpersonal networks, and value systems, taking these as his main points of creative departure. Through the means of artistic expression, Wu singles out parallels between the transformation of Taiwan’s industrial landscape and the course of his own life, over which he watched his family’s business deteriorate with the decline of traditional industries. Through his work, the artist seeks to find an alternative for these withering industries, making them shine again.

His artworks delve into the deconstruction of objects and symbols, employing industrial manufacturing references to uncover the cyclical and harmonious contradictions within production. His artwork often fuses elements of mythology, prophecy, and anti-traditional sculpture, involving concepts such as the past, present, and future, craftsmanship and industry, secular and sacred, reality and fiction, reflecting the cultural heritage of consumerism and modernization. The artist prompts viewers to contemplate the society, cultures, and individual experiences through unique visual forms and creative techniques. The works are replete with poetic and symbolic elements, creating a uniquely resonant experience through the amalgamation of different elements of contemporary materials.

       1987 年生於台灣,現生活、工作於紐約及台北。他的創作涵蓋繪畫、複合媒材、空間裝置、錄像、雕塑和行為藝術等多個領域。作品善於運用日常物件,探索物件外在形態與內在能量的轉換和存續可能性。早期作品以「家」所建構的人際網絡和價值體系為主要創作理念,試圖透過藝術的方式尋找與台灣產業結構轉變和自身生活經驗的相似之處,為逐漸式微、凋零的產業尋找新的發聲權,讓它們在其他領域受到關注。


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