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Family 《家族》



Black oil,boiler oil,paper

97 (H) x 66 (W) cm

The design concept of Family originates from my father’s car maintenance business. Much influenced by the environment where I was raised, the material of the artwork came from the said environment; I used engine oil, diesel, and furnace oil as my paint and enable the memory of family to continue.

Meanwhile, I painted my family portrait of three generations. During the process when I paint, I unravel my family memory from my childhood. Because the material does not dry out, the work turns vague as time goes by, just as our memory does, it fades away through time.

​​『家族』作品透過生長環境(黑手家庭)取材,由黑油,機油及爐鍋油繪畫而成 ,同時運用埔里廣興紙廠出品的楮皮紙,描繪出三代家庭的家族肖像,透過繪畫過程,爬梳童年的家族記憶,由於使用媒材(油)未乾的特性,作品會隨著時間逐漸模糊,如同記憶般因時間而慢慢消失,剩下淡淡的黑油氣味。


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