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Exploring the Microcosm of the Body 《身體微宇宙探索》


Video Art

Full HD video projection, color, stereo sound.

12 minutes 7 seconds loop

The artist invited actors to participate in the creation of this work, using Chinese medicinal powders to compose a planetary map on their backs and cupping them with the assistance of a professional Chinese medicine practitioner. The red mark left after cupping, which would heal soon after, served as an overlay atop the existing planetary map, presenting a planetary guide of the microcosm of the body. The work explores the relationship between the body (water), the universe (matter, and personal emotions, reflecting the law of matter in the universe according to folk legend: destruction-rebuilding-repair-purification.

藝術家邀請演員裸背參與,使用粉末中藥材於背上繪製星球圖,再請專業醫師拔罐,當拔罐時所留下的紅色印記,與星球圖融為一起,呈現身體微宇宙星球圖。過程中身體因外力產生的充血或瘀血痕跡,藝術家透過身體留下的傷痕與痛感,連結身體 (水)、宇宙 (物質)、及個人情感三者之間關係,藉由此作品探索身體與宇宙之間的組成、分解、再造及修復過程。

同時作品連結了一個民間傳說,當九顆行星連珠,時空將被錯置,人們即可穿越時空,回到過去。也回應藝術家一直在處理過去的時間、流動的時間、當下的時間及未來的時間。藝術家試圖串聯過往的傷痛經驗,經過拔罐 (醫學)方式,反應藝術家面對身體的疼痛感,轉換成為一幅身體風景,最後身體留下的痕跡,會因為一段時間而消失,回到自己原本的身體狀態 (物質不滅)。


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