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同心圓/Concentric Circles

2013 鋼刀/高 130 x 寬 130 x 深 40 公分

2013 Machetes/ H 130 x W 130 x D 40 cm

我自2011年開始尋找生活中物件溝通的創作式,從日常生活中我們不斷不斷在使用各 樣物件,進行發想,思考抽離物件原有的實用功能,將生活的經驗帶入物件的想像。同心 圓的作品,源自於一次煮菜的經驗,在烹飪的過程中,劃下那鮮紅的一煞那,從如鏡面般的刀子,看見血液覆蓋了鏡中的自己,意識到自我生活中被遺忘的真實面貌。 生活中,在社會的規訓下,用各種方式在社會中競爭,看似追求物質美好的人生,確 遺忘真正自我真實的一面。美好的與不美好的生活,只是一線之隔。這件作品運用同年的 組合玩具概念,我試圖將各式各樣組合的形態轉換經驗,或生活階段性的變化。作品也會 不斷的依著時間,空間而改變,隨著生活經驗,去建構一個可能的立體狀態。物件的重複 構成了每天日常生活的循環,誰也無法擺脫。而物件本質帶有傷害的特性,也是藝術家面 對現實生活經驗的自嘲。

I have started to use everyday objects in my artworks since 2011. I kept seeking inspiration from commodities in daily life. By bringing in life experiences and imagination, I made installations by abandoning the originally practical functions of objects. The idea of this artwork came from an incident. Upon cutting myself when I cooked, I saw my inner self mirrored in the blood and realized the reality of life I’m confronting. People are always in pursuit of better material life under social disciplines in a competitive society. To me, there is just a thin line between a beautiful life and a non-beautiful life. In the artwork, I deploy a concept of resembling toys inspired by childhood memory. I try to transform experiences of various life modes and in life stages into creating. The artwork changes based on time, space, and living experiences. The repetitious objects in the artwork represent daily routines, which no human can avoid in the reality. The dangerous quality of the objects reveals the artist’s self-mocking.


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