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When The Metallic Cicada Sings III 《鐵殼蟬響 III》


178 (H) x 338 (W) x 202 (D) cm


hoods, iron, glass, mirror, percussion device

作品透過黑手產業的考據,解構車體及車子的符號,過程中發現其中生產的循環和諧矛盾。該系列作品使用汽車材料——現成的、象徵性的汽車部位,如作品中反覆出現的汽車引擎蓋,材料是時代的縮影,反映了消費主義和一種現代化產物的文化遺蹟。《鐵殼蟬響 III 》系列作品結合了鐵槌敲擊裝置,通過固定頻率反覆敲擊引擎蓋,產生規律聲響。



The series, ‘When The Metallic Cicada Sings III ’ inspired from the auto repair industry, reveals the circulation, harmony and paradox in automobile manufacturing through the deconstruction of the vehicle and its body. The materials that are repeatedly used in the creation, such as the hoods, are symbolic and ready-made. These materials are a reflection of an era and a culture heritage from consumerism and modernization.


‘When The Metallic Cicada Sings III ’ creates a steady and rhythmic sound by striking the hammer on a hood in a fixed frequency. The resonating sound echoes the workforce of the mechanics. The concave and convex surface of the hoods inherit the characteristic of the streamline design in cars. The combination of the elements embodied the development of the automobile, consumerism and the value of the workforce. Moreover, it also extend the application of the industrial materials through preserving and transforming in art creation.


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