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黑手/Black Hand

2012/高畫質錄像、彩色、立體聲音效 /4分00秒循環播放

2012/Full HD video projecHon, color, stereo sound /4 min loop

中央美術學院美術館,中國,北京 典藏

Multinational capitalism has given shape to a new postwar industrialized society. With the shift in emphasis from manufacturing, mechanical and construction industries to consumer and services industries, we saw correspondingly a change in the emphasis in the workforce from blue-collared to white-collared. The job market’s dependence is no longer on hard labour but instead on technical excellence and professionalism. In other words, the production and service work force will be led by the intellectual elite.

In the traditional car repair industry, a new technician will start by learning the skills set from a skilful master. He learnt through the repeated hands-on experience of dismantling and assembling car parts and from which will become familiarized in the structure of the car. Nevertheless such valuable car repair expertise will never come with a professional cerification of any sort. As the society progresses and the economy grows, the expectation and demand on the car repair industry correspondingly increased and it led to the establishment of schools which systematically produces car repair professional. The Taiwanese government is also planning to pass a legislation requiring car repair technicians to have the necessary qualifications. The affected industry players are now awaiting the outcome of the passing of such a legislation.

In the recent years, competition in the car repair industry has intensified with the mushrooming of car repair workshops. While the practice of passing on knowledge through an apprenticeship system by traditional workshops is still deeply entrenched in the Taiwanese society, these workshop owners cannot ignore the possibility of the abovementioned new legislation. The graduates from the automobile colleges, with the advantage of a paper qualification are in a position to demand for higher salaries and this will inevitably add on to the costs of the car repair workshops.

Overtime as the standard of living improves, people are less willing to spend time and money on car repair, and instead prefer to buy a new car or replace a damaged car part with a new one. Henceforth the car repair industry is faced with a new problem whereby highly sophisticated skills required for more complicated and intricate repair jobs has become less and less in demand. The car repair industry is now a sunset industry.






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