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Guests at a Banquet 《座上賓》


Video Art

Full HD video projection, color, stereo sound

50 minutes loop

Guests at a Banquet was shot at a staged dinner party and used various meal offerings to evoke thinking about the symbolism and culture around food. A banquet table is an arena in which Chinese friendships and feelings play out. Played back in slow motion the work shows subtle emotional exchanges between partners through the changing of dishes and the interaction of guests at the ceremony.

《座上賓》作品以儀式中的餐會拍攝而成,而作品本身藉由飲食作為拍攝中重要的一環,拍攝關於“食”的精神象徵,同時《座上賓》作品運用長鏡頭對餐宴酒席的拍攝,展現出宴飲桌席作為華人交誼與情感文化的核心。作品以慢格播放,進入一種慢速的情緒捕捉,去呈顯「伴侶」之間細微的情感關係波動,透過對婚宴桌席上每道菜色變化,以及所有一同觀禮之賓客的互動關係, 去捕捉一種當代飲食男女的群像。


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